Tropolis is a national insurance brokerage at the forefront of innovation, utilizing technology and data to accelerate growth, improve employee satisfaction, and deliver best-in-class customer service. With a growing team of talented professionals, Tropolis leverages state-of-the-art technology to provide property & casualty and employee benefits insurance solutions.

Unity’s partnership with Tropolis represents an opportunity to partner with a seasoned and ambitious team to drive organic and inorganic growth in a highly fragmented market.

Thematic Focus Area

Insurance Brokerage

Investment thesis

  • Partner with seasoned and ambitious team that shares alignment on Principles
  • Leverages proprietary technology platform to drive efficiency and growth
  • Recurring, high margin, and sticky revenue streams with inelastic underlying demand
  • Large and growing market underpinned by non-discretionary and recurring demand drivers
  • Opportunity to Partner through M&A to accelerate growth in a fragmented market
  • Opportunity for value acceleration via Propel

Investment Date

December 2023


Ann Arbor, MI



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