Jim Sharpe

Partner, Head of Propel

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Responsible for leading Propel’s Value Acceleration efforts as part of Unity’s Partner & Propel strategy, collaborating with the Investment Team throughout the investment process, helping manage Firm operations, and identifying ways to Build Better Together with all of our partners

Most recently CEO of Aventri, a HGGC-backed enterprise software business. Prior to Aventri was GM and Managing Director of GLG’s largest business unit. Additional CEO experience at Standard Purification, a manufacturer of products for cleaning water and air. Throughout these experiences have had opportunity to partner with great investors and leaders in driving employee growth, delighted customers and successful outcomes.

BS in Commerce and Finance, degree in East Asian Languages from the University of Virginia.

Where I spent my childhood, and where have I been since?

I was born and raised in Virginia and attended college at UVA. After several years in NYC after college, my wife and I moved to South Florida to build my manufacturing business. We had just landed in San Francisco for a role when a quick job promotion brought us back to Manhattan. We now live in the Westchester suburbs and spend time in Florida when we can.

Most likely to spend a spare hour

Out on the water, and hopefully fishing. I grew up boating in nearby rivers and lived by a small lake where I spent the summer fishing and exploring. These days I love to fish offshore in south Florida, or flyfish in streams around New York, and am sure to take my sons fishing in nearby ponds whenever time permits.

Where you’ll find me on a Saturday morning

I have a longstanding tradition of taking my sons to a diner early Saturday mornings, including times when we’re traveling. Great bonding time, and I take a group selfie each week so I can look back one day! As my kids have grown it’s been fun to see how the quantity of pancakes, eggs and toast consumed has grown exponentially.

My favorite Movie

I’m a huge fan of holiday movies, and my personal favorite is ‘The Family Man’. The film is a modern twist on ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. Perfect for anyone who appreciates Nick Cage at his finest.

First job ever

My father bought me a riding lawn mover in high school and I built a decent business moving lawns and shoveling snow for neighbors.

Favorite quote

My favorite quote is a poem called ‘The Guy in the Glass’ by Dale Wimbrow – I’ll let you enjoy it in its entirety, but my favorite line is ‘the fellow whose verdict counts most in your life is the one staring back from the glass.’

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