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Building Through Giving

We believe one of the greatest resources is time. And we are honored to have the chance to share our time with many great leaders and entrepreneurs that share our passion for Building Better Together.  We know that not all of these leaders will be a fit for an investment from Unity Partners today so we’ve created a pro-bono concept that we call Unity U, where members of our team carve out a limited amount of time each month to support leaders where we think our advice can help them succeed in achieving their goals.

We believe that one of the greatest ways we can succeed in Philanthropic endeavors (one of our foundational Principals) is to find win-win-win ways to help business leaders that care about their employees, customers, suppliers and communities succeed. We hope some sharing of our collective time can help build virtuous cycles that extend beyond the walls of Unity’s investments.

Engagements We’ve Recently Enjoyed

CEO, Information Services

A senior executive recently landed his first role as CEO of a $20m+ EBITDA information services business. With several organic levers to pull on a highly profitable but modestly growing business, he reached out asking for ongoing coaching as he ramps in the role. We maintain bi-weekly discussions on various topics ranging from talent, managing a Board, and prioritizing organic growth levers. Exciting times ahead for this business as a new CEO brings fresh perspective.

CEO, Go-to-Market Software

Several months ago, we connected with a rising leader and talented CRO interested in his first CEO role. After providing guidance, he emerged this fall with the exciting news of his first VC-backed CEO role. We agreed to connect monthly on a variety of topics including how to think about his senior talent, communication with his team in the early days, and determining top priorities. Excited to help him as he makes the leap into the CEO seat.

CEO, Insurance Brokerage

We have maintained bi-weekly discussions with a small business leader that is building towards one day becoming a platform leader. With discussions ranging from what it means to build a large platform and the type of talent and technology decisions that get made along the way, to sharing more about the benefits of Purpose Plans (employee ownership plans), we are excited to share time with this leader and believe the future is bright for his team.

CEO, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical Services

We have maintained monthly discussions with a business leader that has successfully scaled into his business into a meaningful platform that is well positioned to take the step to becoming a super-regional or national player. With discussions ranging from platform organizational design to M&A execution and integration and shared ownership (Purpose Plans), we are excited to share time with this leader as we find we have a shared belief in the power of starting with Why.

CEO, Pool Services

We reconnected with a former colleague, and were excited to learn that she had recently acquired and begun to scale a services business, based on her personal experience (and frustrations) at her own home. While the business was a bit small for Unity initially, we continued to connect over the course of the last year, providing guidance and trade ideas while witnessing rapid growth. The Unity team was inspired by her vision, her passion for action, and ability to build a great team, while we gained conviction that this was a great opportunity in an underserved market.

CEO, Managed Professional Services

We have maintained monthly discussions with a small business leader that is evaluating the right next step for their business. Discussions have ranged from growth initiatives and potential acquisitions to how to take care of employees and think about the pros and cons of potential exit options. We are excited to continue sharing time with this leader and being a helpful sounding board as they map out the next chapter for their business.

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Building Through Giving

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