Team Activities

Sharing Time Together

We believe in the power of building bonds across our team through shared experiences – and that extends beyond just shared diligence and value acceleration efforts! We look forward to finding opportunities to share experiences with future partners as well!

We also believe we learn a lot about each other through participating in various activities. Whether it is serving our local communities through philanthropic efforts, learning about unique sources of knowledge during trivia, strategy and risk tolerance during a friendly board/card/dice game or next-level skills during a cooking/sporting/arts activity, we welcome the chance to discover each other’s vast array of talents!

Activities We’ve Recently Enjoyed

Community Service Day in Q2 2024

We took time out as a team to support Bonton Farms’ mission of laying a foundation for health, wholeness and opportunity in the Bonton Dallas community. Before grabbing shovels and pitch forks to help around the farm, we learned about the organizations vision for providing wholestic support to the communities it serves.  Exciting future ahead as the team at Bonton changes their community and the world through their efforts to Builds Better Together.

Trivia Night in Q1 2024

We ventured to new grounds (Mayer’s Garden) to try our luck with a new set of competition…and found that yet again we were one part of one question away from glory. We entered the final round a stone’s throw from the lead, but a tight field at the top had us going all in for the best shot at victory.  In the 5 part final question, we correctly identified the beer company with its marketing slogan for 4 beers but couldn’t come up with a winner for “Is good for you”.  Suppose some irony that merely days after 3/17, we didn’t think of Guinness.

Community Service Day in Q4 2023

We took time out as a team to truly Build Better Together as we supported the Roc Solid Foundation and built a playground for a child (and family) that is working through treatment for leukemia.  Seeing the child’s smile as he slid down his new slide hit home for our team and made us all very thankful for the opportunity to share a day helping a great cause.

Holiday Party – Dinner & Cocktail/Mocktail Class

We joined together with our significant others for some great bites at Bowen House…as well as an interactive cocktail/mocktail making experience where we “went behind the bar” to learn a few tips of the trade and also mix up assorted off menu “individual favorites” for the team.

Trivia Night in Q3 2023

We showed up in growing force at the Ivy for another shot at trivia glory…only to fall a step short as the final question tripped us up again…while we knew there were 60 degrees on an inside angle of an equilateral triangle, we missed the ordering from greatest to least of the other three as we couldn’t place the number of musical acts at Woodstock in 1969 (32), the price of Burger King’s initial burger in the 1950s (18 cents) or the number of furlongs in a mile (8).

Community Service Day in Q2 2023

We selected CASA, a service organization that supports and promotes court-appointed volunteer advocacy for children, as our team’s first service activity…great to support an organization that members of our team and extended Unity family volunteer with regularly!

Holiday Party – Cooking Class

We joined together with our significant others for a fun “Barcelona Night” with the team at The Cookery. We started with an assortment of tapas and built up to a wonderful paella!

Game Night in Q1 2023

We pulled out the dice one Tuesday evening and enjoyed a game of Farkle together. We learned more about our respective risk tolerances…and observed Hannah’s dice-rolling skills!

Trivia Night in Q4 2022

We learned that when in doubt, trust our initial reactions after a few last-minute changes cost us a top 5 finish at our first trivia night at Deep Ellum Brewery.

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